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Conservation reports are the primary document used when detailing a strategy for the individual buildings problems and needs. The report pulls together a number of various facets of information in order to be able to fully understand the building or structure and thus be able to develop the correct conservation strategy.

Conservation reports have become an essential tool for planning and conservation departments in the Local Authority and therefore, in most cases, a mandatory requirement of planning to include such report when dealing with protected or historical structures. Apart from the planning process, the report can assist in the application of funding.

Conservation reports include a number of different components, though the contents of a report can change depending on the individual needs of a project.

The basic components of a conservation report are:

  • Historical Research
  • Architectural Record and Inventory
  • Statement of Significance
  • Materials Analysis
  • Condition Assessment
  • Conservation Methodology/Specification

These elements are further described under their own headings on the website