Front Elevation
9 Aungier Street, Dublin 2

Year: 2006-2007
Status: Planning Permission Granted
Info: National Monument constructed circa 1667

Conservation and development of a National Monument into 7 apartments. The conservation challenge was to asses the structural survey of the roof members and walls without extensively removing the plaster. The original barley sugar balustrades were intact though the staircase was in a seriously deteriorated condition due to the failure of the timber at the landings. The original floor joists were notched timbers. It was originally thought that the large rough hewn beam on the first floor was oak however this turned out to be larch. Though larch cannot be carbon dated the combination of the larch and the oak dowels used in the floor suggested that the date of the building was 1667. The oak supply of Ireland has been used in the reconstruction of London after the great fire in 1666 however the limited oak supply was used for the oak dowels where the extra strength was needed.

The original house was a Dutch Billy but the front elevation had been reconstructed circa 1900.

The conservation challenge for the reuse was to design and obtain planning for 7 apartments without forming any openings in the original structure and also accounting for the different levels of the floors due to subsidence.