3D View of proposed Hotel

Boutique Hotel

3,4,5,6 Parnell Street

This project consists of the conservation of No 3 Parnell which is the protected structure to allow for the renovation of the shop on the ground floor and a hotel apartment comprising of two bedrooms on the second floor and a kitchen and living room on the first floor with new three storey bathroom block to rear.

As well as this, a new 5 storey boutique hotel is proposed at No 4, 5, and 6, the conservation of No 3 will part of the new proposed hotel. The hotel will contain a large ebtrance foyer, a bar and a cafe at ground floor, as well as 18 double bedrooms on the upper floors. The recessed fourth floor will contain 3 meeting rooms.

To the rear of no 3,4 and no 5 It is proposed to conserve the boundary garden walls of calp stone, brick and beach stone and to form a new garden at ground level with granite and salvaged brick paving with planter to rear.

We have carried out a detailed proposal for the individual shopfronts; on Parnell Street the proposed new Hotel entrance at No 5 is copper. The proposed shop front at the restaurant of no 6 is aluminium. The proposed hotel pub front at no 4 is hardwood.
The proposed new shop front at no 3 is painted hardwood. On Jervis Lane the proposed shop front at the restaurant at no 6 is aluminium. The entrance door is copper to accentuate the side entrance.  The proposed windows are double glazed hardwood timber with copper window guards.